NCS/ECCE Opt-Out template for Partner Services

The Core Funding Opt-Out Template for NCS and ECCE has been uploaded to Hive here

Under 5.3.2. and 5.3.3. of the Core Funding Partner Service Funding Agreement, all Partner Services are required to offer ECCE and/or NCS, where applicable, to all eligible children attending their service.

As per 5.3.4. of the Core Funding Partner Service Funding Agreement, where a parent/guardian chooses not to avail of ECCE and/or NCS, the Partner Service must retain and provide proof, if requested, of having offered the parent/guardian the option to avail of ECCE and/or NCS and a record of their wish not to do so. These records may be requested by the Scheme Administrator or other agent of the Minister.

The Opt-out Template must be used for such purposes and should be retained as evidence of the parent’s/guardian’s decision for a period of 6 years. 

Please note that it will be a matter for the Minister and/or Scheme Administrator to decide whether a clear justification exists for the Partner Service not having registered children on ECCE and/or NCS.

In the event that the Minister or Scheme Administrator decides that no justification exists then the provider will be required to register eligible children within its service within 30 days or withdraw from the Funding Agreement 30 days after notice of the Minister/Scheme Administrator’s decision.

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