Parent & Toddler Group Initiative
Grants 2022

Applications for funding under this scheme should only be made by Parent & Toddler Groups that are
organised on a not-for-profit basis and involve the participation of parents in the community. Grants will
normally range from €100 to €1,250. New start up groups may apply for a grant of up to €1,250, existing
Parent and Toddler Groups can apply for a of up to €800.

2022 sees an additional amount of up to €400 is available for new and existing P&T Groups
providing an additional session, and a maximum of €400 is also available to establish and operate Buggy
Walking Groups (see below). Please contact DCCC via email or telephone 074 91 23442 for further information in respect to these two new funding options.

If you were in receipt of a previous grant you must ensure that all receipts along with the progress report have been returned to Donegal County Childcare before you can apply again this year.

Contact for an Application form

Parent and Toddler 2022 Application forms must be returned by Friday 17th June at 5pm.

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