Request to Service Providers to Submit Correct Eircodes for 2023/24 ECCE Registrations

Dear Service Provider
All 2023/24 ECCE registrations require the correct Eircode for each child registration as per
the ECCE Programme Rules 2023/24. Following analysis of all 2023/24 ECCE registrations
we found a number of registrations that either had the same Eircode of the service address or
a high number of registrations with the same Eircode.

If your service falls into either one of these categories and you are now required to correct these Eircodes.

It is also important to be aware that DCEDIY are currently developing a new proposed funding
strand as part of Together for Better, the Equality Participation Model (EPM), a strategic policy
to ensure supports are allocated adequately and equitably. Individual Eircodes are important
in identifying and measuring disadvantage. As part of the EPM, additional supports are being
considered. Providing the correct Eircode for child registrations will assist DCEDIY in
identifying children and service providers who will qualify for EPM supports.

How to provide the correct Eircodes:

  1. In preparation, please gather all the Eircodes for the list of ECCE registrations listed
    You will be required to insert each ECCE Registration ID and the corresponding correct
    Eircode into a protected form.
  2. Copy this link into your browser (note: you will not be able to click into the link).
    Insert the required information into the form and submit for each child registration.
    Note: you must submit an individual form for each of the child registrations.

All Eircodes must be submitted before COB 15 March 2024.

Available Supports:
Your local City/County Childcare Committee will be advised of the services in their county who
are required to complete the form and they will be available to provide supports to your service.

You can also contact EYPC, by raising a Service Request on the Hive using the following
dropdown options:
· Request program type: ECCE
· Request type: Registrations
· Request type detail: General

Early Years Team

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