Core Funding Application Changes functionality and Quality Action Plans

Application Changes functionality

We are pleased to let you know that the option to make changes to Core Funding Applications will be available on HIVE from 10am on Friday the 28th of October. Providers who need to do so will be able to make updates and changes to their Core Funding Application Module from this point forward.

Please note that providers who have not had any changes to their application information since it was submitted do not need to take any further action.

Providers who have made an error in the information they originally submitted, have had a change in staffing arrangements or who made their initial application with a vacancy, or have otherwise altered the level of capacity they are providing are required to make changes in order to update their application.

Previously submitted applications that are currently under appraisal and require additional information will be referred-back in the coming days, this will allow time for review and update of the Service Profile in advance of making required updates to the Core Funding Application Module. 


In preparation for the changes functionality becoming available, providers should make sure their Service Profile is up to date and accurate including:

  • Service Level – updates to operating hours, operating weeks, and service offering.
  • Rooms – edit, add, or remove a room.
  • Session Types – edit, add, or remove a session type.
  • Staffing – update current staff information including qualifications, add additional staff, and end date staff who no longer work in the service.  Staff who have left the service will continue to be included in funding for a maximum period of 4 weeks or the date on which they are replaced, whichever is the earliest.


You should replace all vacancies that have since been filled with the details of the new staff member. Where you have not been able to find a replacement, you must DE-ACTIVATE all vacancies greater than 4 weeks old. This is a mandatory update.

A provider can update their Service Profile at any time and should ensure to maintain it on an on-going regular basis. 

Once changes functionality is available, any changes from application submission that were effective up to and including 21st September 2022 can be submitted as a single change.

Any changes following this date must be made in chronological order of when they change occurred.   For example, if you increased your capacity on 2nd October and employed a new Graduate on 30th October you must submit the application change relating to the 2nd October first. If applications changes are not submitted in chronological order, previous changes will be superseded by the most recent application change submitted, which will lead to additional administration and may impact funding. You must wait until each change is approved before submission of the next change. Therefore, providers should ensure that all information provided is accurate with the correct supporting documentation attached where applicable. 

These changes will not immediately affect your funding allocation, as the functionality to adjust these is still under construction. It is expected to be available in early November. However, the changes to funding allocations will be effective from different dates associated to the relevant approved changes.

The usual rule is that retrospective changes will not be backdated, but in light of the fact that the facility to make changes was not immediately available, there will be a two-week window in which changes that occurred before 28 October will be backdated if they are submitted before 14 November 2022. After this date, back payments will not be permitted.

Therefore, to ensure maximum funding, providers should Providers should update their Service Profile now and submit changes to their Core Funding Application Module as soon as possible after Friday 28th October. 

CCCs and EYPC remain available to assist with Core Funding Application Changes and further information and guidance will be provided in the coming days.

Quality Action Plan

As part of the Core Funding contract, Partner Services are required to develop and implement a quality action plan on the basis of a quality self-assessment that uses tools provided by the Department and their agents.

Partner Services will be contacted directly by their local City/County Childcare Committee by the end of this week with further instructions, including: a link to complete the quality template online; Guidance for Completing the Core Funding Quality Action Plan; and Frequently Asked Questions.

Irish-language versions of the template and guidance documents will also be made available by CCCs in the coming days.

Please note the template will need to be completed by 30th November 2022. If you require assistance in completing the template, you can contact your local CCC or any of the National Voluntary Childcare Organisations.

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