Accessing the NCS Compliance Report on Hive

The Pobal Compliance team have been conducting NCS compliance inspections since 2021.  In order to support Primary Authorised Users (PAU’s) to easily access NCS Compliance Reports on Hive and understand any additional requirements to rectify non compliances, we have developed a new resource titled “Guide to accessing the NCS Compliance report on Hive”.  This Guide can be found in the following section of the Hive i.e. Resources> Programme Documents> NCS-Documents> Compliance.

The NCS inspection report published on the Hive outlines for each check conducted the:  · Compliance outcome (Compliant/Non-Compliant), · Reason for outcome, · Required rectification action (if applicable) · Relevant comments

We hope that this new step by step guide including screen shots of the various views will assist Hive users to easily access relevant NCS compliance reports and action any non-compliant rectification actions as required within the timeframes outlined.

Should you have any queries in relation to an NCS Compliance Inspection carried out at your service, please contact the Compliance Team by raising a Request on Hive as follows:

Request Programme: NCSRequest Category: ComplianceRequest Type Detail: Inspection

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