AIM Level 4 & 7 Application Process for September 2022 Pre-school Year

AIM Level 4 and 7

The application process for AIM Level 4 (expert early years educational advice and support) and Level 7 (additional assistance in the pre-school room) for the 2022/23 pre-school year will open on Hive on Tuesday 3rd May

Following the opening of the AIM 2022/2023 programme call, services will be directed to confirm the details of their AIM Service Profile and where required make any necessary amendments. In order to submit an AIM Level 7 application for the new pre-school year, services must create new sessions.

Please note: Sessions related to the 2021/2022 programme should not be deactivated as this will impact current applications and associated funding. 

For children who are currently receiving AIM supports and are eligible to avail of another year of the ECCE programme from September 2022 

If the child is eligible and is returning to the same pre-school setting for another year, services in receipt of AIM Level 7 supports must submit an extension application. Extension applications should be submitted on Hive when the AIM Level 7 application process opens on Tuesday 3rd May. 

Where any of the following changes below are relevant, they must be detailed on an extension application: 

Changes to child’s circumstances –

  • The number of days a child is attending pre-school
  • The child has changed their pre-school session
  • The child has been awarded additional assistance from other sources i.e. Enable Ireland Support
  • The child is in receipt of home tuition
  • The child is attending a specialised preschool

Changes in the setting –

  • There has been a change in the adult to child ratio in a pre-school session
  • If there was another child availing of AIM Level 7 support who has left the service or is no longer in the same session.

If following the approval of an extension, a change in the setting/child’s circumstances arises, you must submit a Review through HIVE to advise Pobal of any changes as it may affect the child’s AIM Level 7 funding. 

If the child who is currently availing of AIM supports is moving to another pre-school in September 2022, a new AIM application must be submitted by the new pre-school provider in conjunction with the parent(s). 

Help and Support

Should you have any queries in relation to the AIM programme, please contact the Early Years Provider Centre by raising a Request on Hive using the following categories:

  • Programme: (select the AIM level)
  • Request type: Application
  • Request type detail: How To

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