Early Years Operations Announcements – AIM 2021/22 and EWSS

​Dear Service Provider,
Please note, as advised by Revenue, EWSS subsidy rates are due to reduce from 1st March 2022.  We would like to remind services of the following:

Under the Access and Inclusion Model (AIM) Programme Rules, the wages of an employee may be supported through either the Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme (EWSS) or AIM Level 7 capitation, but not both.  It is open to a service provider to decide whether EWSS or AIM Level 7 funding is most advantageous to them. 

Services that have not submitted an AIM initial or second year extension application as they are availing of EWSS to support the wages of an additional staff member in the pre-school room: 

Service providers are strongly encouraged to submit the required application form as soon as possible. 

This will allow the application to be processed and if approved, minimise the risk of a break in funding between EWSS and AIM. As per the AIM programme rules the backdating of AIM Level 7 payments is not permitted. 

Where possible please inform Pobal of the date you intend to implement AIM Level 7 funding on your application. A guide to submitting your AIM Level 7 application can be found here. 

Services who have an approved AIM Level 7 application but are availing of EWSS to employ additional staff member in the pre-school room:  

Service providers who wish to reinstate AIM funding must inform Pobal 10 working days in advance of the date they wish AIM Level 7 funding to commence.

This will ensure there is no break in funding between EWSS and AIM Level 7.  

To reinstate AIM funding, service providers are required to submit a service request on the Early Years Hive and enter “AIM Funding” in the subject line and select the following criteria:  

Request Type: Funding
Request Type Detail: Payments Query
Subject: AIM Level 7 

In the description of the request, enter all relevant AIM level 7 application IDs, and advise of the date you will cease your EWSS funding.

Kind regards, 
Early Years Team. 

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