Fee Table 2024/2025 update and guidance

The issue with the 2024/2025 Fee Table reported last Friday 28 June has now been resolved. 

Copying your 2023/2024 Fee Table The ability to copy your 2023/2024 Fee Table and use the information for your new 2024/2025 Fee Table is once again available on the Service Fees page of the Early Years Hive.  If you copied your 2023/24 Fee Table before 1.30pm on 28 June 2024, you will need to create a new Fee Table if you want to change your service status on your Fee Table from Approved Provider to Partner Service. A definition of a Partner Service and an Approved Provider are explained in the Guides which are linked below.  Please note that if you copy your Fee Table, you still need to review each fee option and fee extra and make any required amendments before submitting. 

Guidance Guidance on creating your Fee Table and your Parent Statement is available here and a recording of the recent Programme Readiness, Fee Table and Parent Statement training is available here. It is important that when you are creating your Fee Table that if you are a service who has/intends to have an active Core Funding Partner Service Funding Agreement for 2024/2025 that your Fee Table is for a Partner Service, as per below image.

Support If you need help with your Fee Table, please contact the Early Years Provider Centre (EYPC) by raising a Request on the Hive selecting: 

  • Programme: Service Fee Table/Parent Statement
  • Request Type: Service Fee Table or Parent Statement
  • Request Type detail: How To.

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