Update on issue with ECCE Service Calendar and Fee Table

Dear Service Provider,

Update on issue with ECCE service calendar and Fee Table

Please see the following updates in relation to the issues communicated earlier today:

ECCE service calendar: Minimum weeks per term

  • The minimum weeks per term has now been updated to allow greater flexibility in ECCE calendars in line with the school calendars. Services are still required to be open a total of 38 weeks across the three terms with a minimum of 15 weeks in term one and 13 weeks in term two.

Fee Table: Core Funding Partner Services being directed to the Approved Provider version

  • The ability to clone a Fee Table has temporarily been disabled to prevent services receiving an incorrect Fee Table version. Should you wish to submit a Fee Table urgently, you must create a new Fee Table. Please ensure to check the service status is accurate for your Fee Table before submission.
  • If you are in a position to wait, we are working on reinstating the ability to clone and will provide further updates when this is available.

Fee Extras: Unable to submit a ‘no optional extra’ in Fee Extras

  • We are pleased to confirm this issue has now been resolved.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and patience.

The Early Years Team 

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