Core Funding Financial Reporting Updates

Dear Provider,

We are writing to you today to provide a number of updates on the Core Funding Financial Reporting process.

Please see links to the following below:

•    An updated set of FAQ on Prepopulated Payments. This addresses some of the common causes of confusion we have been receiving queries on;

•    An updated set of general FAQs providing an update on apportionment policies (and also adding the same information as the next point);

•    The final update is the most targeted, and only applies to some very specific services. An updated Guidance Note for Core Funding Financial Reporting Requirements is attached which provides guidance for partner services that employ a qualified accountant on staff and also engage an external auditor. Auditors may not be able to make the financial reporting submission but do provide a degree of independent assurance, so services with this specific arrangement may have their internal accountant make the submission provided they send the an External Auditor Details Form to [] with “auditor details” in the subject line. This form will be available on the Hive, at under the Core Funding Financial Reporting Requirement Year 1 tab. Please see the Guidance Note or the FAQ for more detail on this.

Thank you to all those who have submitted their Income and Expenditure Templates to date. We hope that these updates are helpful and useful to all services still working on their submissions.


Early Years Division.

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