Upcoming Improvements to the Early Years Hive Menu Navigation

Dear Service Provider,

We are pleased to announce that a number of improvements are being made to the menu navigation of the Early Years Hive. The update will take place during the next scheduled maintenance later this week. 

The Early Years Hive launched in 2019 and at that time the National Childcare Scheme was the only programme administered on the portal. Many programmes have since moved onto Hive and many new features have been developed. Based on this, as well as helpful feedback from service providers, we undertook a review of the Hive’s menu navigation structure and the general user experience of the portal. 

The new menu structure will make the Early Years Hive easier to navigate and more intuitive to use. Please see some important information about the upcoming changes below. Note that the visibility of these menu items in the below images will be based on your user role access granted by the portal’s Primary Authorised User (PAU). 

What is changing

  • Clearer section displaying portal user information
  • Easier to switch between services in multi-service organisations
  • All programme-related page available on the Programmes menu
  • Reorganisation of the My Account menu

See the document available under the ‘Early Years Hive Menu Navigation Change’ on the Cross-programme documents page for a list of the changes. 


The most commonly used guidance documents and training videos will be updated to reflect the new menu navigation and will be available in the Help & Support section of the Early Years Hive after the maintenance. This includes all relevant Programme Readiness guidance.All remaining guidance materials will be updated to reflect the new menu navigation over the next few weeks. We appreciate your patience on this.To help you familiarise yourselves with the new menu, a training video outlining the changes will be available on Hive after the maintenance and will be shared with you via announcement. 


Programme Readiness 1 training for the CCSP Saver Programme, ECCE and AIM Level 1 is being held on Monday 29 May and Tuesday 30 May. The updates to the Hive’s menu navigation will be covered as part of this training. Please see the invite announcement posted on Monday 22 May for more information. 


The Early Years Team

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