Core Funding Update

Dear Early Learning and Care and School Age Childcare Providers

Application Changes

Core Funding Application Changes functionality remains available on Hive and permits service providers to make changes to their Core Funding Application Module.  Providers who have a referred-back application, made an error in the information they originally submitted, have had a change in staffing arrangements or who made their initial application with a vacancy, or have otherwise altered the level of capacity they are providing are required to make changes in order to update their application.  To support services in completing an application change, a detailed guidance document and tailored training videos are available under the Core Funding Documents section on Hive. CCCs and EYPC also remain available to assist with Core Funding Application Changes.

As communicated previously, increases to capacity can only result in an increased Core Funding allocation if they were reported by submitting an application change, before 1 December. Decreases to capacity will still result in a decreased allocation. (Please note, however, that the graduate premiums can still increase at any time during the year if a new eligible lead educator or manager is hired or if a current lead educator/manager becomes eligible).

Funding Allocations

The functionality to adjust funding allocations based on approved application changes is still in development and is expected to be available in January 2023. Therefore, any approved application changes are not reflected in your current funding allocations. Core Funding allocations on the Hive (under Programme Funding) currently reflect the information provided on your initial Core Funding Application Module.


The next Core Funding payment is due to be processed week commencing 2nd January 2023 covering the 4 week period 5th January 2023 – 1st February 2023 and will be based on your original Core Funding Application Module information.  Once the functionality to adjust funding allocations (see above) becomes available later in January, payment adjustments (increases/decreases) resulting from approved application changes will be processed. 

Review and Confirm

As part of Core Funding, Partner Services, are required to review and confirm their approved Core Funding Application Module information at various times throughout the programme year. The first review and confirm period will happen in January 2023. Therefore, Partner Services are encouraged to ensure their most recent Core Funding Application Module is up to date and accurate.  Additional information and guidance will be published in early January to assist services with completing the Review and Confirm process. If you require any further assistance or clarification on any of the above, please contact the Early Years Provider centre by raising a ticket as follows: -Programme: Core Funding, Request Type: Application, Request Type Detail: Application

Wishing you, your children and families a very Happy Christmas.

Best Wishes, 

The Early Years Team

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