Core Funding: Issue resolved on ‘Step 7’ of the Core Funding Application Module + new training videos

Please see the below updates for Core Funding.
Step 7’ issue resolved
The issue on ‘Step 7’ of the Core Funding Application Module, previously communicated on 12th August, has now been resolved.
You should no longer be receiving the validation message in error, and it is no longer necessary to attach evidence on Step 7 when there are no discrepancies in your Tusla registration data.
Please note you are still required to attach evidence if there is a discrepancy in your Tusla registration data.
If you receive the validation message and have confirmed that the capacity entered is correct and in line with your Tusla Registration, please contact your local CCC or the EYPC for support.
New training videos available
The following Core Funding training videos are now available on the Early Years Hive:
Core Funding Service Profile and Application Module – ECCE-Only Service

3 Minute Troubleshooting Video – One Room and Session Type with two staff assigned at different times

3 Minute Troubleshooting Video – One Room with four Session Types

5 Minute Troubleshooting Video – Stacking Session Types based on Staffed Capacity

10 Minute Troubleshooting Video – Overlapping Session Types

Comparison between the Ready Reckoner versus the Core Funding Application Module

You can find these videos under the ‘Core Funding Training Videos’ heading on the Core Funding Documents page.
Further Core Funding training videos will be added soon.

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