Important Reminder on the Increase of the NCS Universal Eligibility to 15 years of age.

Further to our recent announcement regarding the extension of the Universal Eligibility we wish to inform you that impacted awards have now been updated, and the changes are visible on the awards.  The new rates take effect from 29 August 2022. We wish to remind that where subsidy rates have changed the parent’s co-payment values must correct from the 29 August 2022 and should be updated now or as soon as possible.  Parental Agreements will also need to be updated.  To allow Providers time to update Parental Agreements, there will be a 2 month window until the end of October. This means that Providers will not be found non-compliant where Parental Agreements are not updated.

Claims that have been confirmed by parents do not need to be confirmed again.  All claims must be confirmed by the parent before payments can flow to the provider.

What co-payments should be updated? 

Awards likely to be impacted are those for children who turn three in 2022 or are already three or older.  Claims for these children require your attention

Children aged below three, and who do not turn three in 2022, are not impacted. Sponsor awards, and those already on the highest rates are also not impacted.

You can check claims in your service that are affected by comparing the allocation lists for the week ending 28 August 2022 with the allocation lists for the week ending 5 September 2022, and checking for changes. 

The Co-Payment tool can be used to calculate co-payment fees for impacted awards. 

Parents impacted by this change have been advised to engage with their Service Provider to make the necessary updates. 

How are awards being affected?Income Assessed Awards (Under Income Threshold)  – Where the income for an Income Assessed Application was assessed as under the threshold, awards for eligible children included within the new age range may be recalculated and an increased rate may be awarded. 

Claims will automatically be updated with the new rate for these applicants.  Co-Payments and Parental Agreements should be updated as required. Income Assessed Awards (Over Income Threshold) – Where the income for an Income Assessed Application was assessed as over the threshold, and received an award or segments of award where there was no subsidy available, these awards have now been recalculated with a Universal rate from 29th August.

Parents may look to create or extend claims where this happens.  Universal Awards – From 29 August 2022, all children aged between 24 weeks and 15 years old will be eligible for the Universal Award. Universal Awards with rates that ended mid award, have been updated with a Universal 50 cent rate from 29 August for the remaining duration of the award.

Parents may look to create or extend claims where this happens.  


If you need further support, please raise a Service Request on the Hive. Parents seeking further advice or support should be directed to the Applicant Portal or the Parents Support Team on 01 906 8530.

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