​ECCE Registrations and Programme Call 2022/23

Registrations will open for the ECCE 2022 Programme Call on the Early Years Hive portal on Monday 4 July 2022. Registration is opening earlier this year to assist providers with the administration process for ECCE. 

The ECCE 2022 Programme Call will commence on Monday 22 August 2022. 

Important: Except for compliance purposes, under no circumstances should you cancel an active 2021 registration as this will create an overpayment for your service. If you are registering a child for ECCE 2022 who is currently registered in your service, please add an additional, separate registration for ECCE 2022. 

Guidance You can find guidance on how to register a child on ECCE, including a training video, on the ECCE Child Registration page under Resources on the Early Years Hive portal. 

CCSP Saver Programme Registrations for the 2022 CCSP Saver Programme will open on 08 August 2022. 

NCS Registration of CHICKs for NCS can be done on the Early Years Hive portal at any time. 

Communication Pobal will cease posting announcements for service providers on the PIP Portal when the CCSP 2021 Programme Call ends in August, as all early learning and care programmes will be administered on the Early Years Hive once the current programme year is completed. Further communication will be provided on this over the coming weeks. 

All announcements are, and will continue to be, posted on the announcement page of the Early Years Hive portal. You can find guidance on how to use the Hive announcement page here

All important dates are also added to the Hive’s announcement calendar page for your benefit. 

Training As communicated in a portal announcement posted on 28 June, webinar training sessions will be held next week for service providers on ECCE and NCS child registration. Please read the announcement for dates and further information. 

Support Should you have any queries in relation to ECCE registrations, please contact the Early Years Provider Centre by raising a Request on Hive using the following categories:  

  • Programme: ECCE
  • Request Type: Registrations

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