ECCE Higher Capitation 2021/22 Application Closing Date for Submission

New applications for ECCE Higher Capitation 2021/22 Programme Call will be closed for submission, effective from 24/06/2022 in line with the ECCE Programme Year. No new applications submitted after this date will be processed.

For any applications in status Referred Back submitted prior to 24/06/2022 with outstanding queries or issues, there will be a further 2-week period granted for final submission, closing on Friday, 08/07/2022.

These queries and issues would have been highlighted directly to Service Providers on the Higher Capitation form, specifying the outstanding issues and guidance on how to resolve.

Please be aware that after this date, submissions will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Catch up payments will continue weekly after the end of the Programme Call. If, however, the Higher Capitation application assessment results in an overpayment, this will be recouped from future programme payments.

Please note: If the query is related to qualification recognition for staff members, please ensure that your staff members contact The Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY) directly at

To enable the DCEDIY to review your staff members query more effectively, please ensure that your staff member(s) clearly indicate the issue in their communication and provides their application reference number which they would have received when they originally applied for their qualification to be recognised by the Department.

Due to GDPR requirements, all communication to the DCEDIY on higher cap qualification queries must come directly from the relevant staff member for whom higher cap qualification is being considered.

DCEDIY will not accept applications or correspondence from service providers on behalf of their staff.

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