Programme Readiness 2022/23 on the Early Years Hive

The first stage of Programme Readiness 2022-23 for ECCE, NCS and CCSP Saver programme will be available for services on the Early Years Hive at the end of May. The exact date and time will be communicated with you at a later date. During this stage, the Primary Authorised User (PAU) for each service must submit a 2022/23 service calendar and fees list, confirm service details, and activate the Funding Agreement for each relevant programme.

CCSP on Hive  As previously communicated, the upcoming CCSP Saver Programme year will be administered on the early Years Hive portal, and all programme-related activities will be completed on the Hive going forward. No programmes will be administered on the PIP portal after the current CCSP Saver Programme year is completed.

Guidance More information and guidance will be communicated with you via announcements on the Hive later in the month and all important Programme Readiness dates will be added to the calendar page for your benefit. You can find a quick how-to guide on both the announcements page and the calendar page of the Hive here.

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