Removal of wraparound care from NCS

From 2 May 2022, the National Childcare Scheme (NCS) will no longer be deducting hours spent in pre-school or school from NCS awards (wraparound care). This means that parents will be able to use their full awarded subsidised NCS hours regardless of whether their children are in pre-school or school. Please see the announcement titled: ‘Important announcement on the removal of wraparound care from NCS’ posted on 13 April for full details.

Important Announcement on the Removal of Wraparound Care from NCS

Amending claims and parent confirmation These hours will be automatically added to the NCS applicant’s existing awards. However, please note that the hours on active, confirmed claims will not be automatically increased. If an applicant wants to make use of more hours of care, they must agree this with their service provider who must then update the claim accordingly. Claims must be confirmed by the applicant before payments can flow to the provider. Please communicate with applicants to ensure any claims agreed and registered on the Early Years Hive are confirmed by the parent.

Parental agreement It is mandatory for a service provider to have a written contract or agreement in place with every parent under the NCS. This should be kept up to date in line with any amendments to claims. You can find guidance on NCS parent agreements on the Hive here.

Guidance Guidance on how to register and amend NCS claims on the Hive is available on the NCS Child Registration page under Help & Support. 

Support If you need further support, please raise a Service Request on the Hive using the following dropdown options:

  • Request program type: NCS
  • Request type: Registrations
  • Request type detail: Claim

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